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Why the word Polder?

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"God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.", or so the saying goes. Polders are land reclaimed from the sea. A large portion of the Netherlands is located below sea level. In order to make the land usable the Dutch set out to make dry land out of parts of lakes and sea, thus creating polders. The Dutch have taken something that was previously unusable and made it into useful land through a series of dikes and waterways.

In our efforts to help organizations establish environments of clarity, trust and interoperability to support collaborative initiatives the Polder Consortium is setting out to create a sustainable avenue for information sharing and collaboration across organizational boundaries. This is something that either doesn't exist, or is currently difficult to scale. We expect our efforts to pave the way for collaborations that have not previously been possible, thus creating "polders" for reclaiming "land" between organizations.

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